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direction on how sequestration might affect cuts to local mental health programs, the same with senior nutrition programs. >> that's what markets are based on, right? >> reporter: richards will pay close attention to the dealings in d.c. so he can report back to class. >> i think any social studies teacher is a news junkie anyway, so will i follow closely? sure. >> reporter: and see how the debate in washington might have a direct impact on the students at mt. pleasant. and late today i heard from another school district. they stand to lose about $400,000 in federal funding. now let me be clear. this does not mean arm get done will begin on march 1st. these cuts will be rolled over, over several months. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you. more details on the specific cuts that could be made. it's not just schools and senior nutrition programs. airports could also see changes. if a deal is not reached, the faa would be force d to cut $60
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million from its budget, law enforcement agencies across california would lose $1.6 million in grant money and reportedly $7 million in funding for california's national parks would be lost. we have other headlines tonight. new leads in the case of an east bay couple missing in peru. they are bike enthusiasts and they were cycling in south america. communication was suddenly stopped. there is surveillance video of the couple soon after their last posting on facebook. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has been closely monitoring the developments and joins thus evening with the new details. jodi? >> reporter: raj, jamie neal's co-workers here at the bike shop have been on pins and needles waiting for word on what may have happened to their co-worker and her boyfriend. tonight there's a very real sense that authorities may be getting closer to tracking the couple down. >> we have seized video, are security video, at the bus
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station. they were in line and got on the base. >> reporter: this couple is missing in peru. a peruvian news station shows surveillance pictures of them reportedly taking the bus to lima on january 26th. >> that's really the last visual contact we have from them, that video. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy of peru has told them the pair may have then boarded a boat. >> the embase embassy believes they got on the boat for an a . amazon cruise. >> reporter: the family has set up a war room where they're mapping out all they know. >> probably the biggest thing we have access to garrett's bank records and starting january 25th all of his banking ceased. no more withdrawals. there's nothing.
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there is absolutely no activity. >> reporter: what has the family especially worried, warnings that kidnappers may be targeting american tourists in the peru region. friends and family are pleading for help. >> i want my son to know that i love him, that we all love him. we want them to come home safe and sound. >> when your child is missing it's really, really tough. and we need your help. >> reporter: the family tells me they're getting daily updates from the embassy in peru. they are certainly hoping that those images will lead to the couple. meanwhile, the folks here at the peddler bike shop are asking for the safe return of jamie neal and garrett hawn. >> okay, thank you, jodi. it's been more than 24 hours
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since the distress call came in reportedly from a boat with four people onboard including two young children up the coast of monterey. nothing has been found, not even debris, raising the possibility there may be no boat. marianne favro joins us live. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard has been out all day searching by boat, by plane, and by helicopter. the coast guard cutter turn just pulled in here and the certificasearch is resuming tonight as more boats are out searching for this family focusing on an area 65 miles west of monterey. as the u.s. coast guard continues to search for a family lost at sea, this is one of the few clues they have to go on. the last distress call made shortly after 5:00 last night.
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the u.s. coast guard says a man reported he and his wife, their 4-year-old son and a cousin under 8, from all onboard the sailboat believed to be called the charm blower. late sunday after noon they reported the boat was taking on water. >> we do believe they have life jackets and not much other safety equipment. they were trying to create a raft. >> reporter: 65 miles west of monterey. the coast guard sent out several cutters and helicopters to search. the coast guard leaders say so far they have not been able to find out who owns the boat or the names of the people onboard. which is why officials are asking for yourself. >> right now we're asking for the public that if they know of anyone, a friend or relative, a neighbor who went out and hasn't
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come back to please call the coast guard. >> reporter: with water temperatures ranging between 40 and 50 degrees rescuers know time is critical to answer this call for help. >> we are abandoning ship. >> reporter: i asked the u.s. coast guard if there was any possibility that this distress call was a hoax and a spokesman told me there is always that possibility but right now they are treating this as a rescue mission. once again they plan to resume their search by air tomorrow morning, but right now they continue searching by boat overnight. reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. the alameda county coroner's office is working to identify a body found in the estuary. firefighters pulled the man out yesterday afternoon. now investigators have to figure out who he is and how they ended up there. witnesses say the body was spotted near the shore around
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2:00. >> an underwater add vventure t went horribly wrong. a san jose couple identified as the victims of a scuba diving accident. a man and his wife had been diving friday at point lobos state reserve. the popular diving spot, a family member on the beach called for help after becoming worried because the couple had been out for so long. they were pulled from the water and rushed to a hospital where they were pronounced dead. the state parks officials don't know what happened. an youautopsy will be performed the couple. >> he calls them his angels. an oakland man is talking about his newfound freedom thanks to a dedicated team of legal experts. 51-year-old ronald ross was released from jail on friday. we showed it to you here on this newscast. behind bars for seven years for a crime he didn't commit. it took a four-year investigation by a san francisco law firm, a private investigator, and the northern
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california innocence project to free him. he spent 25 years to life in prison for attempted murder. today he described what his first weekend was like as a free man. >> i felt like a newborn baby. i pinched myself three times. it's real. it's real. i'm finally out. >> he is originally from louisiana. he says he'll be taking a much-needed vacation to see his four adult children. >> so what exactly happened? mc hammer and the alameda county sheriff's department have different stories about what landed the music legend in jail. he was arrested on charges of obstructing and resisting an officer. it happened in dublin last thursday. the sheriff's office says hammer was in a car that was not registered to him and the registration had expired. hammer claimed the first words out of the mouth was are you on parole or probation? a lieutenant tells us hammer
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became very argumentative when questioned about the vehicle. he refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue. >> still ahead here at 6:00, putting a stop to the rough ride. the new plan to fix san jose's notorious potholes. that's getting a boost. and your privacy as it relates to google. new charges over sharing your information. plus -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman. pixar headquarters where are they brought home this. tonight it is the oscar for best animated feature. the movie is "brave." the story of what it's like to win one of these is coming up. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're going for the gold in the seven-day forecast helping to push the allergy levels moderate to high. we'll let you know if there's any chance of rain coming up in a few minutes.
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a big win for drake's bay oyster company. the company was granted an injunction allowing them to stay open. for now. the u.s. appeals of the ninth circuit says there are serious legal questions to be considered before moving forward. a federally imposed order to close oyster farming hurts the environment. they say it's good for the economy. drake's employs 31 people and supplies about 40% of oysters. the ruling will be reconsidered in may. >> california department of corrections says the new policy for placing prisoners in solitary confinement comes after thousands went on a hunger strike in 011 to protest what they call torturous conditions at california prisons. families rallied at the state capitol.
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without the chance of being released to a regular cell. >> all these people out here are concerned, there's prisoners threatening to go on hunger strikes again and that's why they're letting people out. they haven't changed. >> corrections officials say there is a program where prisoners can get out of solitary. one of the requirements is about four years of good behavior. the business world is buzzing tonight. silicon valley can companies are usually famous for letting employees work from home but one tech giant is being criticized for its new policy. no more telecommuting. yahoo! ceo marissa meyer sent a member 0 owe to her employees requiring them to come in to work rather than work from home. this is an industry that prides itself on policies that allow employees to work remotely. even donald trump is weighing in, he posted via twitter, she is right to expect yahoo! employees to come to the work place rather than working at home. new questions over privacy after a public interest group filed a new lawsuit against
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google. a complaint today with the federal trade commission and the california attorney's general. google's in violation by failing to give consumers proper notice that it's sharing personal information. e-mail, telephone, and credit card. google responded that it is in compliance. the consumer watchdog says it should reach into the billions of dollars. tesla motors says "the new york times" has cost the company $100 million. the co-founder of the electric car company claims a bad and inaccurate review by the newspaper has hurt his company. a february 8 article, you might recall, reported battery problems with the tesla. he blamed the reporter for not fully charging the car before writing the bad article, the bad review. now he tells bloomberg the article prompt add few hundred customers to cancel orders for the car. a real blow after most it was named car of the year.
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u.s. stocks plunged today as investors worried about the outcome of the elections in italy, stocks had their worst drop in more than three months today. the industrial average plunged more than 200 points. investors are worried italy's elections could set off another debt crisis in europe. on the flip side european stocks did advance. oscar glory once again shining on pixar in emeryville. the animation company won its seventh academy award, seven of the 12 times since that category was created. taking the oscar for "brave" about a scottish princess who defies her parents' efforts to marry her off. pixar's first film was a female protagonist. scott budman is live at pixar headquarters where they are celebrating. it is such a cute film. >> reporter: and as you mentioned like all pixar movies it has a theme, for "brave" a strong willed girl from scotland.
6:16 pm
fitting the company kept the theme going to an extent as it's celebrated its oscar win. a little bit of scotland came to pixar's emeryville headquarters to celebrate the oscar that came home. the academy award winner for best animated feature -- >> to have it recognized at this level is sort of it was surreal. it's frozen in time, sort of trembling. i started fiphysically shaking. >> reporter: the "brave" team just arrived from los angeles, was toasted by the entire company famous for mixing technology together with story telling and coming up with oscar gold. >> the story is driving everything. it came back to the story, story, story. so when you have that overwhelming force that is the nature of story, the technology is just supporting that. always supporting that. never going past that.
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and that's where that balance comes in. >> reporter: speaking of balance, what's it like for bay area tech types to hob knob with the hollywood elite? >> i'm sorry, you stepped on someone's foot. oh, that was daniel day-lewis. oops. or i stepped on a dress. jennifer lawrence, that was your dress i stepped on. >> reporter: well, hollywood should get used to us because pixar has become a powerhouse. and the pixar machine continues to roll on. its next movie is called "monsters university" due out june 21st. reporting live from pixar headquarters in emeryville, scott budman, nbc bay area news. let's go for number eight with the oscars. thank you very much, scott. >> reporter: you bet. take a look. this is how it looks in amarillo, texas, today. the state is taking a beating from a winter storm bringing hurricane force winds and 12 to 18 inches of snow.
6:18 pm
in fact, the entire midwest is taking a beating today. wichita, kansas, and other states in the area all getting pummeled. this is the second storm in less than a week to roll through the midwest. and we had 60-degree weather. where would you rather be? >> weather guilt. it feels stow good but it feels so wrong when you know what's happening across other parts of the country. current conditions outside right now, we do have winds on the coastline 15 to 25 miles an hour, dry and windy. it did help temperatures to warm up to 68 in santa rosa. cooler in san jose with 61 for you. 67 in gilroy. 63 in livermore. a look right now at the current temperatures we're starting to drop off the immediate coastline, a slight onshore wind. 52 in san mateo and plenty of 50s in the east bay. in fact, already close to the 40s right now in pleasanton. outside to our live hd sky camera network. you get to spend too much time outside today, here is your
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window to the outside world. it looks incredible for tonight. not a whole lot of haze. a cold front moved through this weekend and that did help our air quality to improve. however, with only trace amounts of rain early saturday morning we didn't have enough to clean out the pollen so that will be continually a problem, very high pollen forecast. a look right now at what we have happening, the jet stream. the storm track which steers all of our activity, continues to push way up into alaska. this really is just unheard of this time of the year. we've seen less than two inches for most spots in all of 2013 when it comes to rainfall. high pressure offshore. that's what's giving us this sunny and enjoyable weather. if you loved it, it will stay parked in the same spot as we head throughout the next couple of days that will bring some 70s in the seven-day forecast. some hazy sunshine. high pollen levels not expected to budge. for tomorrow, getting ready for school, thinking about work and
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what you're going to be wearing, we're going to start off cold in the inland valley. 37 throughout the tri-valley and the south bay, 45 at the coast. a little bit of patchy fog possible. then as we head throughout the afternoon hours, a cool breeze. we keep it at 60 degrees and for the interior valley expected to top out in the upper 60s. numbers will go up in the three-day forecast, upper 60s by thursday and then eventually some 70s coming on that seven-day forecast. real quickly we want it to update you how dry it has been so far in 2013. right now the drought monitor does have a drought developing throughout the bay area as we head throughout the next two to two and a half months, so that's something we'll keep our eyes on very closely. back with your full seven-day forecast later on in the show. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. california is the leading ing agricultural state and soon everyone will know it. starting next month, take a look. do you like it? our new license plate will hit the streets. the design has a yellow sun shining over a field of crops with the words food, fiber,
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fuel, flora. proceeds for the plate sales will go to the national ffa, formerly the future farmers of america. it will benefit 4-h and other education programs. the plates cost $50 and $40 a year to renew. still ahead, eating your way to better sleep. new clues about how your diet could be wrecking your rest. and high school graduation rates are rising across the nation. the program helping high-risk students succeed and graduate. [ crickets chirping ]
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the u.s. is on track for 90% high school rate by 2020 for the first time. schools are finding the greatest success where they have community support and create individualized programs, high-risk students.
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on pace to reach a 90% graduation by 2020. california has its declining rate and is one of those states. california also one of the safest, the most significant improvement in graduation growth rate. >> no more important task in our country now. >> prepare the next generation to take leadership positions. >> despite the progress, the disparities continue for minorities and students with disabilities. former general colin powell says creating a nation of lead eers will mean giving even the weakest student a fighting chance. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is joining oprah winfrey and the late steve jobs on an impressive list, selected as the commencement speaker for stanford's june graduation ceremony. the university draws high-profile achievers and several supreme court justices. bloomberg's accomplishments as
6:25 pm
entrepreneur, mayor and fi philanthropist to address the class of 2013 at stanford. sex offenders on the streets. coming up a loophole that's leaving criminals on the loose. san francisco will be represented in the selection of a new pope. what the retired archbishop has to say about the progress and the scandal involving the catholic church. and i'm janelle wang. bp finally goes to trial for causing the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. and olympic track star oscar pistorius emerges from hiding. where he went on his first outing since being released on bail for murder. you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen.
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back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. in just three days pope benedict xvi will formally resign and as he prepares to step assign 11 u.s. cardinals are preparing to vote for a new
6:28 pm
pope, among them a former san franciscoian cardinal. another representative who will be attend that go conclave. kris sanchez has more. >> reporter: at 13 tim says he was raped and abused by his parish priest. as cardinals head to rome to select the next pope, he does not want retired cardinal roger mahoney to be among them because of his role in shielding pedophile priests. >> those kind of officials, no matter what institution, should not be part of the process of any decision of the hierarchy. >> reporter: but cardinal mahoney of los angeles has said he would not recuse himself from the conclave and he has the support of former san francisco archbishop laveda who departs for the conclave himself tomorrow. >> he is the first one to have said and apologized for the error in judgment he made as a
6:29 pm
young bishop 0. >> reporter: saturday cardinal mahoney was deposed in a lawsuit out of l.a. alleging he helped cover up now fugitive priest accused of molesting as many as 26 children in the 1980s. >> when they cover up child abuse. >> reporter: this father says while he thinks cardinal mahoney has done good, he also knows the wounds of abuse go deep. >> for them, for a sitting cardinal or a cardinal who was just recently asked to step out of any kind of public administrator, to participate in one of the most public acts that a cardinal can do is something that i think i can understand where people come from. it is a very difficult thing. >> reporter: another cardinal, keith o'brien of britain, has recused himself over accusations that he behaved improperly with other priests. he denies the accusations but said he did not want to be a distraction. cardinal mahoney seeming not to
6:30 pm
bow to the pressure left for rome. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. today pope benedict changed ch church law regulating the conclave that will elect his successor. the change will let the cardinals to begin conclave earlier than usual. there is no set date at this point but the cardinals are in a time crunch because they want to choose the next pope and install him before holy week begins on march 24th. with that said they need to select a new pope by march 17th to complete the process. billions of dollars are on the line. bp heads to trial for the oil disaster in 2010 that killed 11 people. janelle wang is here with our vote tonight. jessica, bp has pled guilty to the criminal charges and agreed to pay $4 billion in fines. today the civil case began. the judge will determine if the oil giant and its partners were neglect for the april 2010 explosion that killed 11 people and created an environmental disaster in the gulf of mexico.
6:31 pm
the lawsuit was filed by the justice department and five gulf states. bp could pay another $17 billion in fines. secretary of state john kerry arrived in berlin on his first overseas trip since being appointed to his new position. earlier today he was in london. his 11-day trip will also include paris, rome, cairo, and abu dhabi. on the agenda, the syrian conflict. israeli/palestinian tensions and iran's nuclear program. >> and iran with a nuclear weapon in that region and given all that has happened is simply unacceptable. and we have stated that they will not obtain a nuclear weapon. president obama has been crystal clear about this. >> reporter: meantime iran is getting ready for another round of talks, the nuclear negotiator arrived today to meet with what's being called the p-5 plus one, the u.s., britain, russia, france, and germany. the meeting is scheduled to
6:32 pm
begin tomorrow. iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes only. any chance of negotiating in syria shot down after a nearly two-year civil war, the syrian regime said it's ready for talks with rebels but opposition members scoffed at the day's offer. they also said they will not participate in the meeting next month in rome with its western and arab allies upset they have not done more to help them. secretary kerry is asking them to recan consider saying their request for military and financial aid will be addressed. after three days of hiding out at his uncle's home, oscar pistorius made a brief outing today straight to a south african police station. under the terms of his bail, the olympic track star needs to check in with authorities. pistorius goes to trial in june for killing his girlfriend at his home on valentine's day. he says he thought he was shooting at an intruder. prosecutors say it was premeditated murder. meantime, pistorius' older brother is dealing with his own
6:33 pm
legal troubles tonight. he face as homicide charge for a 2008 car accident which killed a woman on a motorcycle. the charge is similar to a manslaughter charge here in the u.s. tests show pistorius had not been drinking. >> california's problem of overcrowded jails is encouraging a trend, remove gps monitors because there's no punishment for them. many of those who tamper with their devices are sex offenders. some who have been arrest ed fo breaking parole and depending on what county they live in could could be freed within hours of their arrest. according to the law they could be ordered to serve 180 days in jail but because so many of our jails are overcrowded, they simply don't have room to put them back in jail. san jose says it's working on a plan to fix bad roads. part of the plan includes you footing the bill. the city says a quarter of its roadways are in poor condition and by 2020 every road would fit
6:34 pm
in that category. how do you fix it? with a tax. proposing a series of taxes to help increase funding for road work. a quarter, a half cent sales tax increase as well as a bond measure that would cost the average homeowner about $100 a year. officials say they'll meet before the city council meeting on march 5th. >> they're taking the devil out of devil slide. the first tunnel in more than 50 years are undergoing their final safety tests. they will replace the cliff hanging roadway which seemed to wash out with every massive winter storm. each tunnel is equipped with safety features such as remote cameras, exhaust fans and carbon monoxide sensors. tunnels are located south of san francisco, they have a hollywood with retaining walls and fake boulders at the entrance sculpted by disneyland design. things are chugging along,
6:35 pm
that's the word from california's high-speed rail project. today the state assembly committee received an update. they plan to break ground on the first phase of the project this summer with a 130-mile stretch. the $6.8 billion project has had criticism for being too costly. >> we're moving forward with the funding that was approved last year and we're working to resolve issues where we have them in communities and with stakeholders. we've made a lot of progress and what we're starting to see now is people start to see the benefits in what's going to come out of this system and we can work constructively to advance the program. >> when completed the project would connect san francisco and los angeles with trains that reach speeds more than 200 miles an hour. every commuter or many commuters, we should say, who have ever driven solo, you have that feeling of car-pool, wanting to get in the fast lane.
6:36 pm
single drivers into the diamond lanes for a price. a live look at the bay bridge coming into it. the one place it could happen is right here. the approach at the bay bridge plaza. "the chronicle" reports in two years 90 miles of bay area roads will be open to solo drivers willing to pay a few extra bucks as a toll for the privilege. areas with the biggest backups are targeted. some drivers already participate in the experiment on parts of southbound 680 and 237. >> the manhunt has widened for the prime suspect in the shooting and car crash that killed three people on the vegas strip including an oakland rapper. officers are now looking for this man, 26 ye-year-old harris. police say he's armed and dangerous. police say harris was the one driving that black range rover last thursday on the vegas strip when he shot at oakland rapper kenny clutch cherry.
6:37 pm
cherry was killed when his car crashed into a taxi that exploded killing two inside. police found harris' suv a few blocks away on saturday. still ahead, changing the menu. the european horse meat scandal widens to a major retailer here in the bay area. >> and the new edition of openings, opening on the waterfront. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. some gusty winds today. some of the highest near the coastline. point reyes and san francisco at 26. that wind helping us to warm up into the upper 60s. widespread 70s and when that returns.
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6:39 pm
a troubling report about
6:40 pm
those popular ikea meatballs. officials say they found horse meat in the chain's famous frozen meatballs, found in frozen meatballs made in sweden and then shipped to the czech republic. they were sold in 13 other k countries across europe. ikea says they pulled the tainted meatballs from the shelves and that no other shipments were affected. none of those made it to the united states, according to ikea. eating a mediterranean diet can help prevent heart disease. those at risk for heart attack or stroke, those who stuck to a mediterranean diet were 30% less likely to develop heart disease. those who consumed fish in a low fat diet. it's even more effective than many medications, it seems. it encourages fresh fruits, fib, olive oil and wine and steers clear of red meat and processed foods. this one is all about variety, the morme monotonous
6:41 pm
your food, the worst you sleep, most people try to maintain a healthy diet by having cereal for breakfast, chicken for dinner every day could mess with your sleep. a study by the university of pennsylvania compared people's daily dietary intake with their sleep patterns. those who ate a variety of food had more nutrients and a healthier sleep. they say a healthy diet helps your body work better and, in turn, you sleep better as well. >> tough, jeff ranieri. you are both staring at me. i eat the same thing every day. >> chicken breast, broccoli, every day. >> just fine, thank you. >> i get in my car, oh, my gosh. >> we weren't looking at you. >> it was beautiful. >> we have some clear skies, dinner outside in the south bay. we'll talk more about this warm weather and widespread 70s return coming up. and we've got sports. a disastrous second half of 2012
6:42 pm
only to pitch the best game of his life in winning game two of the world series, balm dwarter in looking to start 2013 off on that same note. how he pitched in his first spring training game today up next from the xfinity sports desk.
6:43 pm
it was 25 years in the
6:44 pm
making. it took $80 million. san francisco will complete the new cruise ship terminal. as joe rosato jr. shows us, it took a yacht race to get to the finish line. >> reporter: the city is old and grand as san francisco, history is everywhere you look. but in some cases, modern conveniences have their place and so tomorrow san francisco will cut the ribbon on a sparkling new $80 million modern cruise ship terminal. >> i think it's a beautiful structure on the embarcadero, maintain that waterfront field. >> reporter: plans for the terminal for 25 years. but the project got a big gust of wind in its sails as the america's cup yacht race began developing in the pier 27 area for this summer's event. >> i think it will be a great economic boom and a legacy
6:45 pm
really of the america's cup. >> reporter: initially the ameri america's cup authority will use the building as a headquarters. after the summer, the city will install a part with the first cruiseship expected in about a year. >> the reality of the situation we don't have to expect to have a large influx of new ships in san francisco. what we do know is this inkraesed terminal will allow larger ships to stop here. >> reporter: san francisco's tourism bureau says the new 17 million visitors a year, 200,000 arrived by cruise ship. san francisco travel says those visitors will enjoy the upgrades from the current dock at pier 35. >> just for the passengers' enjoyment, the departure will be years ahead of what we current ly have. >> reporter: the new terminal will be able to accommodate new larger generations of cruise ships and after working on the
6:46 pm
project, that first ship will be a welcome sight. >> i'll be even more thrilled when we have the first ship pull in and the first half get off. i'm going to shake their hand. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. let's turn our attention over to jeff ranieri now talking about everything in the midwest and then there's us. >> and then there's us. huge temperature rise. we did start off with cold weather. in our 5:00 p.m. newscast, 36 degrees in gilroy, near record setting highs. temperatures by the afternoon. we reached that by 29 again this afternoon. onshore wind, 51 in san francisco and 55 now in livermore. let's get you out to the live skyc camera network and anthony fine-tuning the camera and getting this right in the perfect spot to get a view of the full moon at the top of the screen. 100% illuminated.
6:47 pm
that full moon cycle here into march 27th, so get out and take a look at tonight and mainly clear skies in emeryville looking to san francisco and we'll also get you down into downtown and there's the moon again looking right past the bay bridge. that is really spectacular. current storm pattern has all of the weather activity pushing way off to the north. that's keeping all of our rainfall way up in alaska, washington, also oregon. it's also helping to snap that storm pattern right across the central plains, so that is why they have been undergoing quite a bit of snowy events the past couple of weeks. we have high pressure offshore. the next two to three days, if you have problems from allergies, that will not budge too much. as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday, it will be cool. the jacket temperatures in the 50s and the interior valleys mainly 60s but we are going to get in on a few 70s coming up in a little bit. for tomorrow morning 35 in santa
6:48 pm
rosa. 36 in livermore. a jacket to start by the afternoon. jackets warming up nicely in the south bay. close to 70 in gilroy. 60 in santa cruz. also 66 in sunnyvale. and for the east bay you're going to see temperatures rise a little bit more than we had for today, close to 70 expected in walnut creek. pleasanton 66. cooler back by the bay with 63 in hayward. san francisco, 62. close to 70 in san rafael. 40 minutes on the coastline. expecting 58. so, again, allergy forecast off the charts the next two to three days. moderate to high here for all categories, what we really need is rainfall to help that issue and that's not coming in the next three days. in fact, it's going to probably make the problem even worse. as you look at the seven-day forecast, friday and saturday, widespread 70s coming back to our interior valleys and also plenty of sunshine. as we head throughout next week,
6:49 pm
we are also looking at upper 50s to near 70. a rather unusual pattern coming your way. some of the long-term trends now are trying to push a very wet march back into the forecast. we're just going to have to wait and see on that. just the way things are going it could be this morning. >> thank you, jeff. >> you're welcome. >> sports. a very busy jim kozimor joins us in the comcast sports net newsroom. did you go to the oscars? is that why you're all dressed up? >> i didn't go. i was ashamed. i thought -- i was just standing outside begging someone to let me in. they wouldn't do it. when it's time for spring training to roll around, we love seeing the game. spring training games for the giants. baumgartner for the first time this year. white sox/giants top of the
6:50 pm
first. the lined shot. that's a mid season like play. the great catch to end the inning. hunter pence turns on one. the triple deep to center. he would go 1-2 on the day, score a couple of runs. arias grounds into a fielder's choice. pence would come home to score. bottom of the third, pablo sandoval having some weight issues but not swinging a bat. stand-up double deep center field. advance the wild pitch. arias. arias is all over, singles to left. sandoval scores. still in the third inning, a double to left. oscar posey and hunter pence score. giants led 9-0 in the third. they would go on to tie, 9-9. you can do that in the spring no big deal. the a's played as well. cleveland indians the opponent. warner on the mound. part of that ross trade. brantley grounds 6-4-3 double play. 1-0, indians, top of the second.
6:51 pm
chris mcinnis strikes out looking. later in the second it's phelps. a little flare. is he going to get there over near the line? yeah. a real nice play. two innings, gives up a run. a strikeout and a walk. an unofficial debut. top of the fourth, two men on, juan diaz grounder donaldson a diving stop. that's a beautiful play. that ends the inning. however, a's lose 14-10. the tribe 5-0 this spring. on to football because that's always in the news. the 49ers not the only bay area team making noise. espn reporting the raiders are going to try to restructure carson palmer's contract. he's on the books for $13 million. palmer 4,000 yards in 2012. to boston, it's the opportunity of a lifetime for the bay area's
6:52 pm
own robert guerrero. henry wofford caught up with guerrero and the man in the corner on fight night, his dad. >> reporter: he's been trading punches with pro boxers but this time robert guerrero isn't training to knock out an opponent. he's preparing to shock a superstar. >> this is what i've been working for since i first started boxing, now i have an opportunity to be crowned the best fighter in the world. >> reporter: the 29-year-old gilroy native is in the fight of his life. a 12-round battle for the welterweight championship. both fighters will have their fathers in their corner. >> everything for my son. i'm the guy that's got to be
6:53 pm
focusing in the corner. that's going to be me. i'm going to be focusing on victory. >> reporter: the six-time world cha champion but he will be the underdog when he steps in the ring on may 4th. 43-0 with 26 knockouts, he's been in several big fights and he will not be intimidated. >> i think it's a chess match. floyd has great timing. i have great timing. he can change things up. i can change things up. it has the making of an incredible fight, like a durant, sugar ray leonard type. >> guerrero is expected to earn at least $3 million for the fight, but he also wants the promotion, the best fight er in the world. >> anything can happen. he could get knocked out. i know he's getting beat. you'll be hearing that at the end of the fight. and new pound for pound king of the world, robert guerrero. >> reporter: henry wofford, nbc bay area.
6:54 pm
a $3 million payday. the sharks for two days coming off the bench. he went after andrew shaw. take on kcolorado, that's going to do it in sports. raj and jessica, would you get in the ring with floyd may weather for $3 million? >> i would. >> i would do it for $2 million. >> wow. you guys are tough. >> i'd push him for $1 million. for a full half hour sportsnet central tonight at 10:30. >> you can run around for two hours. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
6:55 pm
you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good.
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and that's going to do it
6:57 pm
for us. >> have a great evening. we hope to see you at 11:00. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
6:58 pm
>> ben and george rate seth macfarlane after he slammed him both. >> what did you think of seth? >> he took a hit at you guys. >> the only interview -- >> right now at the oscars. >> a million a-list stars. a million "extra" moments. >> how are you? >> body shots. we don't have a body yet. >> from mario's prank on jennifer. >> look at that, was that slick? >> to ben's red carpet spelling bee. >> may i stop over? >> and proposal for mario. >> is that an invite? >> then -- seth on the mean
6:59 pm
meter. maria's got him moments after his oscar roast. >> that's what we're afraid he would do. >> what was your favorite moment of the show? >> the winners backstage with "extra. >> we have to go in and see the governor's balls. >> who tackled jennifer lawrence? did she predict a stage disaster? plus her crazy collision with jack nicholson. >> in style's hal rubenstein is here. who was the best-dressed tonight? >> which dress had maria and hal in a fashion fight. >> i love it. >> i really don't. >> up all night from clooney's after party to "vanity fair's. >> not everyone can get into this party. >> "extra," "extra"! >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" at the 85th academy awards. i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. clooney, travolta, halle and streisand in the building. what an oscar night. >> yeah, it was. right in the middle of it all starting here on the red carpet. starting here on the red carpet. the red carpet star-studded.

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